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Hi, my name is Gerald and I am a software developer from Münster. On the internet, I usually go by ubergesundheit. For fun and recreation, I like to try out new programming languages and technologies, tinker with programmable gadgets and embedded systems, cook and eat tasty recipies and read or watch science-fiction. In Münsters Code for Germany division I voluntarily create civic tech with open data. I'm really interested in technologies and topics like Linux, containers, container orchestration with Kubernetes, decentralization and self-hosting. My secret weakness is owning and trying out mechanical keyboards.
You can find me on GitHub, Twitter and Keybase. You can also write me an email.



Import and cleanup of traffic accident data consisting of multiple excel sheets. Uses Kinto as datastore and for validation.
Automated geocoding of ~112000 accident locations.
Deployment on Kubernetes

Technologies: Python, Kinto, JSON Schema, Docker, Nominatim, Overpass


Verkehrsunfälle Editor

React app for human aided correction and validation of traffic accident locations. Uses Material UI as frontend framework. Kinto as datastore and for user accounts.
Deployment on Netlify

Technologies: React, Material UI, Kinto


Mosmix Processor

Import open data weather forecasts of the DWD into a PostGIS database utilizing PostgreSQL functions and partitions.
To be used in conjunction with Mosmix-API

Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, PostGIS


Mosmix API

API service to query Mosmix data provided by Mosmix Processor. Implemented as Caddy plugin utilizing pREST as CRM layer. Also exposes OpenAPI definition.

Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, OpenAPI



An interactive christmas market app for Münster. Hackathon project. Based on React and Mapbox GL JS for map display.

Technologies: React, Gatsby, Mapbox GL JS


Assets Server

Utility container image for static web asset serving with gzip and brotli compression in a single binary inside a FROM scratch container.

Technologies: Go, Docker


Other notable projects


December 2019 – Now
Front End Engineer at Giant Swarm.

Technologies: React, Kubernetes, Containers

May 2018 – November 2019
Full Stack software engineer at FoodTracks. Development and maintenance of customer facing software for order optimization & business data analysis. Maintenance and deployment of infrastructure and CI/CD.

Technologies: React, Python, Docker, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Go, Ansible, Terraform, GitLab

June 2016 – April 2018
Full stack developer in the senseBox project at Institute for Geoinformatics: Development and maintenance of openSenseMap, an open source citizen science open data platform.

Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Arduino

April 2014 – May 2016
Software Engineer at con terra GmbH: Development of a winter service management platform frontend and a data portal frontend for environmental data.

Technologies: con terra map.apps, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS Server

October 2013 – Februray 2014
Intern at Zweitag GmbH: Development of a backend for a document orgaization software.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch

June 2011 – August 2013
Student worker at Institute for Geoinformatics: Support, administration and maintenance for the institutes IT. Development of internal management tools.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL


Master of Science Geoinformatics
Completed at Institute for Geoinformatics. Thesis: Supporting Public Deliberation Through Spatially Enhanced Dialogs

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Docker

Bachelor of Science Geoinformatics
Completed at Institute for Geoinformatics. Thesis: Arm gesture interaction with virtual globes: Implementation and evaluation

Technologies: Java, Kinect, NASA World Wind


My other online profiles

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